Our vision and purpose

A. Stakeholder Vision

‘We will collectively embrace the sporting and learning conditions of the Dell EMC Management Challenge in order to optimise team performance and to better the outcomes for those less fortunate in our society’.

B. Purpose of 2018 Challenge

  • The #Inclusion project and learning will provide insights how this process and practice will benefit the  organisation as well as its people, on a personal and work based level.
  • We will be collectively deliver meaningful solutions to problems faced by partner Charities which will increase the efficiency of their operations ultimately increasing the benefit they can bring to the disadvantaged in our society.

C. Event values

The uniqueness and attraction of the event is based upon the following fundamental values that underpin the past and continued success of the event:

• Respect – for yourself, team members, competitors, marshals, charity partners and to the environment
• Learn – this event is about learning about yourself, team members, leadership/ management development as well as the fitness, wellbeing and personal development
Enjoy – participating in this event is and should be enjoyable for you, your team members, your competitors and your organisers
• Compete –this is a competition between teams at a sporting, management and intellectual level, with the goal of enhancing the competitor advantage of the competing company’s within their respective market sectors and improving the outcomes of our beneficiary charities
• Contract – we believe all participants and teams will commit to the values and ethos of the Challenge to benefit our partner charities