Management Challenge attend Dell Channel Partners conference

Dell Fast ForwardWe were delighted to attend the recent Dell Channel Partners conference at Millbank Towers, London. The event was hosted by Dell UK CEO Tim Griffin, EMEA President Aongus Hegarty and Sarah Shields, Head of Channels.

Channel partners were provided with technical updates from a number of Dell experts as well as an impressive business update from Tim and Aongus. (photos of business update and Dell Mangt Challenge stand at #Dellfastforward)DellFastfwd

Greg Searle MBE to feature in the 2015 Dell Management Challenge

We are delighted to confirm the participation of Greg Searle MBE on 25-27 September 2015 at the Dell Management Challenge.

The Dell Management Challenge is a unique 4 dimensional competitive event aimed at optimising management team performance and delivering positive charitable outcomes. Over 40 teams from Global and UK corporates such as Barclays, PwC, GE etc will compete in teams comprising of 6 plus 1 ‘Team Enabler’, in:
1. A 2 day Adventure Race (canoeing, mountain biking, running, hiking, map reading)
2. Management development challenges
3. Senior level Networking opportunities and forums
4. Charity development and fundraising activities

Greg is a Olympic icon, winning a gold in 1992 Olympic rowing final of the coxed pairs . Greg staged a sensational comeback for the 2012 Olympics, aged 40, and won World Cup Gold and Olympic Bronze. Greg will draw on his successful Olympic and Executive Coaching experience on the importance of a clear vision, shared values and at a performance level, contracting to a common cause to enable #TeamOptimisation.

The 2015 event theme is #TeamOptimisation. Team members will get to understand the principles of #TeamOptimisation, apply their learning in the team Adventure Race and Management Task to benefit themselves, their organisations and beneficiary charities.

To pre-register your team, visit

Dell Management Challenge 2015

The Dell Management Challenge ( is a unique 4 dimensional competitive event aimed at teams of 6 corporate executives (plus one support member), involving teams from global corporates such as PwC, GE Capital, Computacenter, Toyota etc. The theme of the 2015 event is #TeamOptimisation and it will strongly influence all 4 aspects of the event, comprising:

  • 1. A two day competitive adventure race – the overall challenge is 90% focused on this sporting challenge to really test the team dynamic:
  • 2. Leadership and management development, – including world renowned speakers and masterclasses from Judge Business School. We are also in the process of confirming Olympic Champion Rower Greg Searle to speak at the event on the theme #TeamOptimisation. There will also be a management task which will need to be completed in a 24 hour period which will be adjudicated by Judge Business School and will benefit 3 national charities supported by Dell.
  • 3. Senior level Networking opportunities and forums – to include a masterclass delivered by LinkedIn
  • 4. Charity development and fundraising activities – includes a fundraising task and management challenge and case study to benefit partner charities.

Video of 2014 and dates for 2015

The dates for 2015 Dell Corporate Challenge will be the 25-27 September 2015. This follows the comprehensive feedback we gratefully received on the 2014 event. So, one of the developments involves registration taking place on the Friday afternoon followed by an evening function. More to come…….

We are currently revamping the website for the 2015 which will include a photo gallery and outline details of the 2015 event. We shall notify you of the changes over the next week or so.

In the meantime please pre-register your teams on

Please enjoy this 20 minute video of the 2014 event

Q and A blog with Nicole Cooke MBE, Brand Ambassador to the Dell Corporate Challenge 2014


1 Tell us about the MBA – why do it, how is it going?

After retiring from my racing career I wanted to set myself up for the next phase of my life and an MBA seemed to be the ideal way to learn a lot in a compact one year course.  It’s going really well, I enjoy the course at Cardiff Business School and have made some great friends.  It’s been challenging at times, particularly not having done exams for many years, now I’m looking forward to September and hopefully start putting what I’ve learnt in to practice.

2 What aspects do you enjoy most and least?
I enjoy the wide range of business modules that we have covered  – Group work and presenting as well as discovering the academic world and just browsing through the library

 What have I enjoyed least?  Everything has been really positive, I can’t think of any bad bits.  It’s true I don’t have much free time due to the work load, but it is just for one year and it’s all time very well spent so there’s no complaints.

3 What cycling are you doing currently? Any plans to do any events?
I ride to university five days a week from Wick, that’s about 25 miles each way so I’m doing a fair amount.  Some days I’m quite tired if the lectures finish at 6pm, but I tend to do a lot of thinking when I’m on the bike so it’s a great way to finish the day.  In August I will be taking part in a  pro-am charity event.  There will be three stages in the Pyrenees, taking in the Col du Tourmulet which is where I clinched my second Tour de France victory in 2007 so it will be wonderful to return there.
4 What aspects do you miss about being a pro-cyclist and least?
I think back to the great moments, the races and successes and I’m really pleased of what I achieved, but I don’t wish I was still racing.  I’m happy that I gave it my all for 15 years and achieved more than I dreamed of and now It’s nice to move on and look to the future.  It was sad seeing a lot of opportunities present themselves to take women’s cycling to higher levels, and to see them being missed or the door slammed shut. While there is some progress, it’s about time a minimum wage was put in place for female cyclists, like there is for the men, and to bring back the women’s Tour de France after it sadly ceased to exist in 2009.

 5 Will you be watching Le Tour in Yorkshire this year? Your predictions for a winner? 
I will be in Yorkshire catching up with friends as the Tour, or a world championships is always a great time for meeting people. On Sunday 6th, I will be at the Yorkshire Festival of Cycling at Harewood House presenting the Street Velodrome event where the public can take part, set a qualifying time, and then if they are in the top 4 men/women, they can race against the pros on the pop-up outdoor velodrome. There’s still a few rounds left in the series this summer if people are interested, and the series will be shown on Channel 4.

The Tour looks like a head to head between Chris Froome and Alberto Contador, given the confidence as the defending champion I think Chris Froome will finish first.

 6 What are your goals for the next 1,2,3 years
Right now, I’d like to finish the MBA well and then settle down in to the next phase of my life.

 7 When does your autobiography come out? What can we expect in terms of content – any clues?
The book is being printed and will be released on 31 July.  There will be a mini tour of book signings around Britain at the time of the release and it would be great to meet the fans and people who have supported me all through my career. In terms of the content, here’s a flavour from journalist Brendan Gallagher who has followed my career from the early days.

 “Women cyclists were scarcely tolerated and the British cycling world certainly wasn’t ready for an athlete of her exceptional calibre when she burst on the scene at the end of the 1990s. The incompetent support and occasionally outright hostility her rise to prominence sparked off was extraordinary. Broken contracts, broken promises, unpaid wages, Machiavellian plots against her, Cooke often had to overcome all that before she even reached the start line.

In her training methods, approach to racing, tactical awareness and appreciation of equipment and technology the schoolgirl prodigy from Wales was way ahead of most of the male coaches she came into contact with. No wonder Cooke could occasionally appear a bit chippy or strident, she was living her life on the front line, not only fighting for herself but battling for the integrity of women’s cycling generally.”

8 Quick fire answers

  • Froome or Wiggins – pass
  •  Emma Johansson or Marianne Vos – Marianne Vos
  • Dragons Den or Apprentice – Apprentice
  • Boris or Cameron – Boris
  • Campag or Shimano – Shimano
  • Water or isotonic drinks – water
  • Apple or Microsoft – microsoft
  • In Europe or out of Europe – out of the EU parliament, in the European market
  • Mountain riding or flats – Mountains
  • Alps or Dolomites – Alps

Nicole Cooke MBE will be speaking and undertaking a Q and A session at the Dell Corporate Challenge on the 27th September in Brecon. This event will support the Action for Children Charity (main beneficiary charity) as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

twitter @corpchallengeww


Launch of Dell Corporate Challenge 2014 with Olympian Nicole Cooke MBE


The 2014 Dell Corporate Charity Challenge was formally launched today at the Cardiff Business School. The challenge takes place over the weekend of 27th & 28th of September and is this year supported by Dell alongside associate sponsors Cardiff Business School and the Institute of Directors.

The primary charity beneficiary is the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Ian Gwilym, Operations Director, is thrilled to be supported by this year’s corporate challenge: “This is a brilliant and highly enjoyable event format which we have been involved in for over nine years. We are delighted to work with all the organising team as well as being a beneficiary charity”.

The Dell Corporate Challenge is a unique adventure racing and team building event that has been running for nine years with past and current competitors from organisations such as GE, Toyota, Legal and General, Eastman etc. The adventure race takes place over a weekend in various parts of the Brecon Beacons National Park and involves teams of six people (plus one support member) competing in a race involving mountain biking, hiking, trail running and mountain biking. The event also includes management development, senior level networking and a CSR challenge.

Hywel Loveluck, Head of Event Fundraising and Organising team, said: “We are extremely grateful to our title sponsor Dell, especially to CEO Tim Griffin and his management team, for making this event possible.. The event really focusses on developing teams, sporting competitiveness and using management knowledge to succeed, which in turn can deliver performance improvement back in the workplace.”

As associate sponsors Cardiff Business School are lending students and faculty members to offer presentations over the weekend. Professor Rob Morgan, Professor of Strategy, has been working with Hywel and his team to develop an interactive presentation and Q & A at Christ College Brecon involving Nicole Cooke MBE and high performance coach Andy McCann. These speakers are in keeping with the theme of the challenge: Igniting personal and team performance

Former Olympic Champion Nicole is currently studying towards her MBA at Cardiff Business School. Nicole says of her involvement: “It’ll be great to be part of an event where we will draw parallels

between elite sports performance and performance in business organisations. I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with Andy McCann who a highly respected coach is working with elite athletes such as Sam Warburton and Leigh Halfpenny, as well as senior corporate executives”

Robert Lloyd-Griffiths of the Institute of Directors notes: “We are absolutely delighting in supporting this challenge event in Wales and the South West. There is a real demand for sporting events which integrate management development with sporting challenges and where better to locate the challenge than the beautiful Brecon Beacons?”

The Dell Corporate Charity Challenge takes place in the Brecon Beacons on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 September 2014.

For more information please visit the event website: and follow the event on twitter @corpchallengeww.


Further information:

The Dell Corporate Challenge 2014 ( is a competitive team building event which has been running for 9 years involving teams of 6 people from the likes of GE, Toyota, PwC, Legal & General. The event, is focused on developing teams and management ability in order to deliver performance improvement back in the workplace.

This is reflected in the event theme “Igniting personal and team performance”. In summary, the Dell Corporate Challenge event comprises:

 A two day adventure race (canoeing, mountain biking, trail running, hiking etc,)

 Management and personal development element delivered by partners Cardiff Business School

 Q and A with former Olympic Champion Nicole Cooke MBE and high performance coach Andy McCann

 Networking opportunities with Senior Executives from major corporates, Dell as well as associate sponsors IOD and Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

 CSR benefits and charity challenge in support of Action for Children and Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Unique team building opportunity to deliver a range of business benefits to the returning workplace


Hywel Loveluck

Head of Fundraising & Organising team

07899 998864

[email protected]