Benefits delivered

The theme of the 2017 DellEMC Management Challenge will be #Collaboration. conduct research that will be facilitated before, during and post event in partnership with our Business School partner. The project outcome will provide insights to any organisation on how to optimise their people for the good of the organsisation, the well being of people and their overall contribution to society.

In summary, DellEMC Management Challenge is focused on delivering business benefits back into the workplace, on three levels:

1. Team and organisational benefits

  • Enhanced understanding of #Collaboration, leadership and management issues
  • Improved quality of planning, decision making and implementation
  • Greater engagement in organisational change
  • Identify future leaders
  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Excellent senior level networking opportunities with major corporates
  • Healthy, happy and more communicative staff
  • Reduced sickness & staff turnover

2. Personal and Individual level

  • Upgrade knowledge on leadership and management issues
  • Personal development
  • Planning and decision making skills
  • Insight into stress management techniques and work life balance principles
  • Improve and develop networking skills
  • Measure up personal strengths and weaknesses against colleagues and competitors
  • Improved fitness and general health
  • improved self awareness/Confidence

3. Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”)

  • Provide strategic input into partner charities to improve respective outcomes
  • Option of longer term engagement post event
  • Allow competitors to fulfill their corporate CSR obligations
  • Raise valuable funds for good causes