Management Development

The event experience

As the three-day Challenge progresses, the teams and their respective members/ participants:

  • Respond to the physical and intellectual pressureplaced upon them,
  • Become very bonded,generally evolving/ developing into cohesive teams,
  • Learn, develop and demonstrate their respective leadershipand communication 
  • Experience the camaraderiebuilding within teams but also between teams which is part of the attraction and uniqueness of this event.
  • The respective teams, are afforded the opportunity to “measure up”against leading companies and their respective competitors.

“We don’t believe it’s a coincidence that many of the employees who took part in the Dell Technologies Management Challenge have accelerated their career at OS, many of them gaining promotion into senior roles. We see the Dell Technologies Management Challenge as an important element of our leadership development offering.” – Senior Manager, Ordnance Survey


Personal and Individual level

From past experience, the competitive learning experience positively translates into the returning workplace:

  • Upgrade knowledge on leadership and management issues
  • Personal development
  • Planning and decision-making skills
  • Insight into stress management techniques and work-life balance principles
  • Improve and develop networking skills
  • Measure up personal strengths and weaknesses against colleagues and competitors
  • Improved fitness and general health
  • improved self-awareness/Confidence