Networking opportunities

There will be a number major corporates and senior decision makers attending this event. This will present excellent opportunities for teams to network with each other on Friday and Saturday evening and at the Sunday awards “ceremony” at National Park Visitor Centre, Libanus.

Relevance of networking to business

  • Business networking is an effective marketing method for developing opportunities and contacts, based on referrals and introductions
  • Business networking offers a way to reach decision-makers which might otherwise be very difficult to engage with using conventional advertising methods.
  • In addition, business networking brings with it the added advantage of recommendation and personal introduction, which are always very helpful for developing business opportunities.
  • Business networking is a way for you to make the maxim, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know..” work for you.
  • The principles and techniques of business networking are mostly common sense. Many of the behavioural principles apply also to business and relationships generally, and specifically to selling, managing, coaching, facilitating, etc.
  • Having a diverse network is just as important as having a large network.
  • But when your network is diverse, you’re more likely to know “connectors,” or those who can put you in touch with people you never would have met otherwise. And those people will be able to help you in different, better ways