Business Benefits

The Dell Technologies Management Challenge provides multiple benefits to businesses in developing their management teams. The exciting multi-day adventure race strengthens team bonds, allows people to learn more about themselves and enhances key skills.

There is also opportunity to network with major corporates and key decision makers while becoming inspired to push boundaries through an exciting keynote speech from adventurer and endurance athlete, Sean Conway.

Throughout the challenge participants will learn to respond to both the physical and intellectual pressure put upon them. They’ll take what they’ve learnt back into the workplace with fresh motivation and increased performance.


Skill development

Key skills that will come to the forefront of the challenge include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Team working
  • Resilience
  • Planning and decision making
  • Determination
  • Motivation
  • Competitiveness

Charity fundraising is also at the heart of the challenge, allowing for businesses to meet their CSR requirements.

All these skills used throughout the experience will positively translate into the workplace as teams will get more of an insight into stress management techniques, they’ll become more self-aware and confident, and will be able to measure up their personal strengths and weakness against colleagues and competitors.


Results driven

In fact, results from previous years have shown:
85% felt their leadership and coaching skills improved
95% felt their teamwork improved
84% left feeling more confident
82% felt their communication was more effective

What’s more, due to the nature and training that goes into the challenge, 90% also believed they became fitter and gained endurance too.


Here’s what previous teams have had to say about taking part:

“We don’t believe it’s a coincidence that many of the employees who took part in the Dell Technologies Management Challenge have accelerated their career at OS, many of them gaining promotion into senior roles. We see the Dell Technologies Management Challenge as an important element of our leadership development offering.”Ordnance Survey

“The Dell Technologies Management Challenge is an unmissable event and one that delivers huge amounts of much needed money to fantastic charities. That along with superb team building and collaboration for the teams that take part. There are so many great memories from previous years, but in general our favourite is seeing the teams coming together and supporting each other under very challenging circumstances and crossing the finish line together.” – Dell Technologies

“We’ve been part of it every year since it started and love the opportunity to bring people from different parts of the business together outside of normal working life. For 2023, we wanted to continue building our bond as a team from the previous year, have fun in the natural beauty of the Brecons and do our best to retain the crown.”LinkedIn