Event Rules

The Event Rules will be posted here in due course.

The rules from the last edition of the event (2019) can be seen below for context.


You can download a PDF version of the 2019 Event Rules HERE

2019 Event Rules are as follows:

1. Registration and Briefings

a) The EVENT HQ is located at the Brecon Beacons National Park Centre, Libanus, Brecon, LD3 8ER from Friday 27th until Sunday 29th

b) Team captains must register their teams upon arrival at the event HQ between 14:00 and 19:00 on Friday 27th Teams will receive their race bibs, trackers and further event information.

c) Teams must register their fundraising total upon registration on Friday 27th

d) Teams must register their participating team members at the start of each day between 07:30 and 08:00 on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th

e) Kit checks will finish at 08:15 on both days.

f) Event safety briefings and team/individual equipment checks will take place at 08:20 on both days. The race begins at 09:00 on both days.

 2. Teams

a) Your team comprises of a maximum of 7 members which must be registered at the start of the event.

  • 6 team members who will compete in the adventure race.
  • 1 team enabler (coordinating management task, logistics, team support and act as an adventure race substitute).

b) Teams can choose their best and most appropriate 6 for a specific stage. No substitution is allowed during a specific stage unless the Race Director provides specific authorisation.

c) Teams must finish each stage as a team of 6. There will be a 10% additional time penalty per person on stage finish time if a team member drops out. 4 is the minimum number you can finish a stage with. (4 finishing would mean a 20% time penalty – i.e. 10% per person).

d) The team may substitute a participant when “off the clock” only; i.e. between stages or transitions. Substitutions can only be made from their allocated pool of 7 members. Teams can make as many substitutions from this pool of 7 members as they require throughout the day abiding by the rules stated above.

e) Substitutes must make themselves known to an event marshal before substituting and they must make sure that they cross the timing mat at the start of the stage along with their team otherwise an event penalty will be incurred.

f) Teams must travel and complete the course together, with all team members being close enough to see and communicate verbally with each other at all times. Whilst on any stage, team members must be:

i. Able to See all other team members

ii. Able to Communicate with other team members

iii. Within 20 seconds of each other (excluding stage 8 on day two)

Failure to comply with this will incur an event penalty

g) If a team is unable to finish a stage through emergency/breakdowns/injuries they will incur the Event Penalty.

h) Late arrival for briefings will incur a time penalty equating to how late they arrived. This may also affect the stage starting time

3. Equipment

a) Teams must be kit checked on both days. Compulsory items of kit (see list provided) must be carried by teams and individual members at ALL TIMES during the race. This also includes the relevant personal protective equipment for the canoe and cycle stages. There will be spot checks and teams who are found in breach of this rule will forfeit the stage and will be given an Event Penalty

b) Teams must wear team bibs at all times, including team enablers and substitutes

c) All teams are to carry GPS trackers provided upon registration.

4. Timing

a) 2019’s event is electronically timed. All participants must wear their timing chip (wrist-worn) issued upon registration for the duration of all stages. Failure to do so will incur an event penalty.

b) All participating teams must pass the designated timing point at the start and end of each stage. Follow the guidance of marshals if you are unsure of the timing location.

c) 7 timing chips will be issued to each team at the start of the event (allowing for one substitute). Only participants registered on the morning of each day are allowed to use the timing chips. Any teams found in breach of this rule will receive an event penalty.

d) The loss of a timing chip will result in an event penalty.

5. Medical and Emergencies

a) Any team who encounters a medical emergency, be it in their own team or another team, or external to the event, must stop to render assistance and seek help from marshals. If a team is unable to finish a stage through emergency/breakdowns/injuries they will incur the time penalty.

6. Environment

a) Teams must treat the environment and landscape of the course with respect and leave minimal evidence of their racing. All litter must be taken home and nothing discarded.

b) Teams should use refillable water bottles throughout the event and avoid the use of single use plastic wherever possible. Recycling provision will be provided throughout the event.

7. Conduct

a) Competitors must conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times, without cheating, abusive behaviour, language or violence.

8. Adjudication

a) Adjudication of the event rules is the responsibility of the Race Director. The Race Director’s decision is final

9. Safety

a) The Event Management Team reserves the right to withdraw a team at any point during the Event.

Penalty Summary

Time Penalties:

These are added when a team completes stage with less than 6 competitors

Number in TeamTime Penalty Added
510% added to stage time
420% added to stage time
Less than 4Not able to compete in stage / race

note: time penalties will not be added for teams with less than 6 on Stage 3 Team Canoe

A teams score for their submission of the Management Case Study will affect a team’s overall race time as minutes are subtracted on the following basis:

Scoring Band (%)Minutes taken from final time
90 to 10060
80 to 8954
70 to 7948
60 to 6942
50 to 5936
40 to 4930
30 to 3924
20 to 2918
10 to 1912
0 to 96

The teams charitable fundraising total will affect a team’s overall race time as minutes are subtracted on the following basis:

Amount RaisedMinutes taken from final time

Penalty Summary

Event Penalties:

A team being given an event penalty will be awarded the slowest recorded team time for that stage, plus an additional 20% time penalty

These are added when the team fails to meet specified aspects of points 1 – 9 in the rules and/or for any additional infringements as follows:

  1. cycling in an area identified as a ‘no cycling zone’
  2. intentionally miss treating or handling a bike or any personal protective equipment issued to participants
  • staying longer at a transition than 30 minutes without permission from the Race Director
  1. substituting a team member during a stage, i.e. when ‘on the clock’
  2. taking a short cut on the route
  3. impeding another team or team member or for not giving right of way to a member of the public
  • all road cycle riding must be in single file with the exception of overtaking a slower team. Overtaking should be carefully considered especially as many of the road sections have narrow and restricted width roads. If a team wishes to overtake, they must pass at a suitable and safe time passing quickly in single file therefore never riding more than 2 abreast.
  • Teams that do not leave Beacons Reservoir for stage 4 (Mountain Hike) by 2pm will not be allowed on the Mountain and will be awarded an event penalty.
  1. Stage 4 has an identified ‘No Run Zone’ that starts from the summit of Corn Du to a clearly marked point at Cwm Llwch. This is in force for your safety. Any teams / team member caught running on this downhill section will be given an event penalty.