Charity challenge

Charity challenge:

The charity challenge comprises of two tasks:

 1. Management task

  • Each team will be presented by a ‘live’ Action for Children charity case study prior to the event start. (more specific details will be released at the appropriate times).
  • In parallel to the adventure race, teams must complete this task within a set time period.
    Coordinated by the Team Enabler, teams need to analyse, formulate and propose a strategic solution for a management issue within the charity to the partner Business School for scoring/ adjudication.

2. Fundraising task

  • Teams will also compete to raise the largest amount for our partner charity Action for Children
  • Required actions:
    1. Set up your individual Team page on  Just Giving
    2. Mobilise your whole team to market this page and implement your fundraising plan.

As a guide we respectfully ask that teams target a minimum of £1,000 for the  Action for Children and for the team raising the most overall there will be a prize and recognition at the event.