Greg Searle MBE to feature in the 2015 Dell Management Challenge

We are delighted to confirm the participation of Greg Searle MBE on 25-27 September 2015 at the Dell Management Challenge.

The Dell Management Challenge is a unique 4 dimensional competitive event aimed at optimising management team performance and delivering positive charitable outcomes. Over 40 teams from Global and UK corporates such as Barclays, PwC, GE etc will compete in teams comprising of 6 plus 1 ‘Team Enabler’, in:
1. A 2 day Adventure Race (canoeing, mountain biking, running, hiking, map reading)
2. Management development challenges
3. Senior level Networking opportunities and forums
4. Charity development and fundraising activities

Greg is a Olympic icon, winning a gold in 1992 Olympic rowing final of the coxed pairs . Greg staged a sensational comeback for the 2012 Olympics, aged 40, and won World Cup Gold and Olympic Bronze. Greg will draw on his successful Olympic and Executive Coaching experience on the importance of a clear vision, shared values and at a performance level, contracting to a common cause to enable #TeamOptimisation.

The 2015 event theme is #TeamOptimisation. Team members will get to understand the principles of #TeamOptimisation, apply their learning in the team Adventure Race and Management Task to benefit themselves, their organisations and beneficiary charities.

To pre-register your team, visit

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